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Must See attractions in Uganda

Must See attractions in Uganda

Among the top Safari Destination in Africa, after gorilla trekking in democratic republic of congo  in virunga national park, Safari to virunga national park can be extended to Uganda’s famous national parks like Queen Elizabeth national park, Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park, Mgahinga National park , Kibale forest national park & Murchison falls National park to spot the big five.

The moment you arrive in Uganda, The beauty of the country will soon be revealed as the road coils its way through mountains and vivid green fields as its name, “The pearl of Uganda”, as it is known locally. It ascends through emerald green jungle with towering rock outcrops and orange butterflies dancing by the side of the road as you enjoy the scenery of Uganda  , What else would  you feel like knowing about uganda?

  1. Spend a magical hour with Mountain gorillas in Bwindi
  2. Track chimpanzees and other primates in Kibale Forest
  3.    Search for the elusive tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth N.P.
  4. Enjoy endless farts on the Nile River
  5. Discover just how friendly and hospitable the Ugandan people are

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Mountain gorilla trekking _ Uganda is a reality to those who love primates, This south western primate territory is like the Caribbean of Uganda, in fact this forest is rained among the 22 best places to go hiking in the African jungle ,The forest is believed to have a good number of different primates ranging from the big apes (Mountain gorillas and chimpanzee s which are not open to public viewing or tracking .This  might not sound like much, but it’s one of travelers’ favorite experiences in Uganda.

Chimpanzee. Chimpanzee is another unique activity which one can  do while in Uganda, given the wider option for you to choose of where to go chimpanzee trekking I the wildness of kanyanchu forest  Kyambura gorge  and in Kanio pabidi .all these places are open to public chimpanzee trekking.

Low land chimpanzees: The low land chimpanzees are found in Zombo forest which is bordering DRC in the North-north part of Uganda, these chimpanzees are open to few people for trekking and those who see them must be staying close to Zombo.

Tree climbing lions: The rare African cats of Ishasha adopted a new hunting tecqunics of climbing  trees(fig trees) Its on another note a good move away from the Tsetse flies In the area that might be a big problem to these cats. Lions I this area can easily be spotted between 10:00Am and late evening at 5:00pm. Maximum patience needs to be exercised.

White water rafting:

Rafting on the Nile, this is the done on the historical city of Uganda, jinja this tranquil activity has different grades ranging from full day raft and half day raft, its an awesome that best describes the adventure of life time.

Ruwenzori Mountain: Dominantly known as mountain of the moon, is the second largest biggest mountain in east Africa and the best. With its highest peak being margarita, this mountain is not among the easy ones to be hiked but the best once you get to the top.

Murchison falls of the Nile: Derived from the beauty of these falls that run across former kabaega national park that stretches all the way to Albert Nile  to the west Nile part of the country, this unique park is compared to Americas Grand canyons with great views and interesting wildlife  of Uganda, ranging from the tranquil bottom of the falls to the great plains of Albert track

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