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Budget Self Drive Car Rental Trips to Uganda

Budget Self Drive Car Rental Trips to Uganda

Self drive Car Rental Trips to Uganda

No one want to be over charged on the service offered it’s always good for one to have value out of his/her money. Many people end up disappointed however many factors brings this including late booking, booking with an incompetent car rental company, among many others, however if you want to have a successful car hire experience in Uganda, its better you read the below guidelines, I think they will work for you and you will have a wonderful road trip and you will have value out of your money, let us examine one by of these guidelines.

Carry out adequate research on the car rental companies: its not very cheap to come up with a genuine car hire company to hire the car from, there very many car hire companies in Uganda offering the same service at different price, so to choose the most reliable, you are advised to carry adequate research, you can do this through surfing the internet, reading the travel journal, and magazines and many other reliable source that will give you a clear picture about car rental companies in Uganda. You will read people’s reviews about how their road trip was so this will give you a good insight about the car rental company, so after gather all that, you can go ahead and choose a genuine car rental agency to hire from and from there, you will hire a car at very cheap price.

Consult from friends and relatives: if you have a friend or relatives who have already used the service from given car rental company, don’t hesitate to ask them about the services they were offered and the cost. So the information acquired will give you confidence to go ahead and book, since you will know how much a fleet you want to hire costs due to prior knowledge and you can refer them to the car hire agency when making reservation.

Know the season when to make the reservation: Uganda is characterized by two seasons, the wet season and the dry seasons, the wet seasons runs from march to May and November while the dry season runs from June to October and December to February, in this incidence, many travelers prefer travelling during the dry seasons and this is known as peck season months with very many travelers in the country, and many ignore travelling in the wet seasons. So you want to travel in the peak season try as much as possible to make early booking so that you get your car reserved for you. if you want get a car a discounted/ low rates, the low seasonal months offers it better, cheap rates on car hire fleets applies most in the low seasonal months so consider when to travel if you are looking for a cheap car hire offer.

Know what is required for car hire: this is also very vital if you want to get the car cheaply, don’t wait at the last minute about what is required for the car hire make a research, or you can ask from the car rental company about the things they need in order to get the car hired to you. Many car hire agent require leaving with them a photocopy of your passport details, driving license, so you will get the car booked for you at a fair price if you have all the requirements. However, you will be overcharged if any of the above is missing and some car hire companies won’t hire you the car.

evaluate different car rental services: this is very vital If you want to get a cheap offer out of the service, as it has been already mentioned, there are very many car hire agencies in Uganda offering the same service, however in order to get the best car rental service, try as much as possible to compare the service offered by each car rental hire agency which match your desire until when you come out with the best which has proper cover. You should take your time comparing different car rental services, doing this will end you up landing on a good offer.

Make early booking: prior booking of your fleet is also very importing If you want to hire a car cheaply, in that you have ample time to negotiate with the car hire agency who will end you giving a discount on the car, late booking is always disappointing, you don’t have time to negotiate well with the car hire agency and you will end up being over charged. Pre booking will give you a chance to choose the right fleet that fits your budget in line with the number of people you are traveling with at a cheap price.

Deal with a car rental companies that is either recognized locally or internationally: dealing with a recognized car hire agency will give you confidence that you won’t be cheated if you wire the car on the company’s account, recognize and genuine car hire companies gives security to their customers and many offer discounts on their fleets and also you have the security that your car will be book for you. They also allow payment upon your arrival and can deliver your car to any of your convenience.

The above are just a few guidelines on how cheaply one can hire a car from any car rental company in Uganda, for more information about how to hire a car either on self-drive or with driver please contact us on info@Ugandacarrental.com or you can call us direct on +256-787 47 10 96

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