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Best time to visit Congo, Virunga National park

The best time of the year to Visit Virunga &  Go For Gorilla Trekking

Virunga National Park has decided to answer the question about the climatic conditions of Congo, what is the best time to visit congo, climatic of virunga , things to do according to climate.

Summary of climatic condition of DR congo:

• The dry season is the best time to visit as conditions are a bit cooler
• In the north the dry season runs from December and February
• In the south dry season runs between April and October
• Generally the country is hot and humid all year round
• Rainy season in the north is April to October, while in the south it is November to March

General Climatic Condition of Congo

Democratic republic of congo is known as a whole round travel destination to any tourist planning to travel to central africa with the main thing to do as gorilla trekking , nyiragongo hikes as the eastern lowland gorillas are only found in congo. This is due to its climate and location to the equator. The other factor making Congo a travel destination throughout the year is equatorial type of climate that favors green vegetation and its unique weather patterns to the climate. Congo mainly has two rainy seasons; the short season starts from October to November and the long rainy season starts from Mid-march to the end of May. The best time to  visit virunga for Congo gorilla safaris

Democratic republic of congo has two rainy seasons , short seasons starts from October to November and the long rainy season starts from mid march to end of may , its rain comes from the tropical rain forests and the best time to visit the democratic republic of congo for Congo gorilla Safari  and Climbing Nyiragongo Volcano

With the best months to visit Democratic republic of congo, many tourists choose to travel from June to September to February since in these months, the amount of rain has reduced and it’s sunny in most of the destinations. December is one of the busiest months of the year in most  Virunga National Park and it’s advisable to book gorilla permits and Nyiragongo Climbing permit to avoid disappointments as the permits are sold on first come and first serve basis.

Democratic republic of Congo lies within the inner humid tropical, or equatorial, climatic region extending five degrees north and south of the Equator. Southern Congo and the far north have somewhat drier sub equatorial climates.

Virunga National Park has struggled to survive through many of Congo’s troubled times. Thanks to the dedication of certain conservationists, park rangers and wardens, the park not only has survived, but is currently experiencing a dramatic renewal through the virunga foundation that is leading gorilla trekking and conservation works in the virunga region. The park was founded in 1925 by King Albert I of Belgium and originally known as Albert National Park, the first national park on the continent of Africa. It was founded primarily to protect the gorillas living in the forests of the Virunga Mountains controlled by the Belgian Congo, but later expanded north to include the Rwindi Plains, Lake Edward and the Rwenzori Mountains in the far north.

Wildlife Safaris in Congo

DRC wildlife offers Africa’s greatest biodiversity, and many species can be found in the DRC rainforests which are not found anywhere else in the wild. Especially rare wildlife includes chimpanzee, bonobo, mountain gorilla, okapi and white rhino, all of which face extinction through habitat loss and poaching. National parks no longer offer protection as warfare and violence erupts within park boundaries.

Whats the advantage of traveling in Low Season in Congo

The rainy season in Congo affects people’s travels but that doesn’t mean that they don’t completely travel since this season is combined of both rains and sun shine. This means that the sun comes out as soon as it has just rained and most safari activities are able to be carried out without any disturbance.

During the low season of March to May and October to November, most of the lodges reduce their rates to attract more tourists to book with them and this is an added advantage since even the gorilla permits are reduced to attract more tourists to Congo as you can pay half price(USD 200).

More so, Congo has got a raised topography and this means that its climate is cool, however, if you are planning to come for a gorilla trek, it’s really important to notice the easiest trekking conditions despite the low rates in the low season, this means that the best time to come for gorilla trekking is during the two dry seasons of January and February and from June to September and the gorilla trekking is more ease due to the fact that they are feeding in the lowland areas.

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