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Attraction to visit in Kahuzi Biega National Park

11 Oct
Mountain Gorillas in Virunga

Attraction to visit in Kahuzi Biega National Park

Best Attraction to visit in Kahuzi Biega National Park

Kahuzi Biega National Park highlands were declared to have no Security problems from 2014 and its opened the destination to adventurous travelers that wished to explore the great lowland gorillas which are only found in Democratic republic of congo’s famous Kahuzi Biega National Park which is located in the Eastern Part of Congo which is the tourism habour for Congo, with the main tourists attractions being Gorilla trekking , Waterfalls visit , mountain trekking , Nature walks & Community Tourism in the local villages around the park.

The Drive from Bukavu town  to Kahuzi biega national park is secured by several MONUSCO posts. In summary, stay with, listen to and follow the advice of the Kahuzi Biega national park rangers and you should be at least as secure as you would be in many major cities around the world.

The Congolese people are extremely friendly and helpful and the eastern Congo is a lush and enormous landscape of beautiful mountains and lakes – simply gorgeous! Kahuzi-Biega National Park is the last major sanctuary of Grauer’s lowland gorillas. They are larger and potentially more endangered than the mountain gorillas of western Rwanda and D.R. Congo north of Lake Kivu. A visit to Kahuzi-Biega National Park is high-adventure travel to an environmental paradise!

Things to do in Kahuzi Biega National Park

Eastern Lowland Gorilla trekking

This park accommodates the greatest number of Eastern gorillas in the region. So this national park has become a top attraction for lowland gorilla tours in Africa. Two eastern lowland gorilla families have been habituated and ready for trekking which has provided travelers with a lifetime experience. Due to the close relativeness of the gorilla specie with human beings (98.8% human genes) making them susceptible to human diseases, masks have been provided to all trekkers to avoid the spread of human wildlife diseases.

Travelers learn how gorillas play different roles in their respective families, silverback as dads defending and planning for the entire family, adult females nursing the babies whereas the juveniles playing and entertaining the whole family. This interaction gives trekkers a real family experience like that of human beings. An hour spent with the gorillas is a lifetime experience that every traveler lives to tell about.

Mount Kahuzi & Mount Biega Hiking

There is also hiking to over 2 volcanos in this park. There are two inactive volcanic mountains within the heart of the national park which trekkers participate in hiking. More still, bamboo and subalpine vegetation, which harbor various animals, cover these volcanoes hence providing travelers a chance to encounter animals such as owl-faced monkeys and a variety of birds.

Bird Watching

Being a home to approximately 342 bird species 42 0f that are endemic to the national park, kahuzi biega is a paradise for great lovers of birds. Among the birds spotted include African green broad bill, yellow crested helmet-shrike, Congo peafowl and Rockefeller’s and many others. The national park is one of the threatened sites put under the protection of the international union conservation area (IUCN).

Nature walks

Travelers here follow trails in the tropical rainforest to different tourism sites. These trails lead to different sites such as the Tshibiti waterfalls trails to three waterfalls in the national park. Experienced guides lead travelers and help in spotting different vegetation types and wildlife in the national park. Sweet sounds of birds singing up in the trees are heard by the travelers and of course fresh air which freshens the minds of traveler. By the time travelers leave the forest, they have clear minds and more knowledge about wildlife in the national park hence a memorable experience.

Tshiabati waterfalls trail

This trail follows a well-defined and demarcated foot path that runs very close and adjacent to the 2 rivers thus providing a better, clear and spectacular view of the water falls. This path is made up of various steps that one strolls on his way to and from the waterfalls.SO this means that there is no room for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

So in order to go for this trail, you must wear assorted hiking boots and shoes that are up to this task.

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