Exploring Democratic republic of Congo’s untamed rain forests of Parc De national virunga  is one of the most authentic wilderness experiences for gorilla trekking , gorilla groups, gorilla permits and reliable tour operators to book the gorilla safariVisit the Gorillas in Congo The journey to Virunga national Park located in the virunga mountains  – home to Mountain gorillas, elephants and other primates alongside the wildlife animals in the lulimbi Sector  where it is possible to see some of the classic safari mammals and birds – elephants, hippos, buffalo, warthog, topi, kob, vultures, eagles and storks. Crocodiles bask on the sand banks while waders work the shores . Travelers may fly directly from Ethiopia to Goma and the airline comes every weekend once.  As your charter plane descends out of the tropical cloud cover, you know you’ve found that rare and precious thing in our modern world: a truly wild frontier.

From start to finish, the jungle envelops you in its sounds: the calls of unseen birds, the soft hum of insects, the whispering of countless leaves. Wrapped in emerald shadows, you glimpse the secret lives of the rainforest’s shy creatures: buffalo, giant hairy hogs, chattering monkeys, elusive chimpanzees and the undeniable super stars – Mountain gorillas at Bukima Sector with the Bukima camp as the nearest accommodation recommended for travelers overnight stay.