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What to wear for Gorilla Trekking

Packing list for Gorilla Trekking Congo-Adventure Tours & Holidays .

Democratic republic of congo is among the world top destinations for adventure holidays that include Gorilla trekking in Congo, Nyiragongo Hike, Forests walks in the tropical rain forests of virunga national Park. Find the complete guide to help you pack for a congo safari with a reliable Tour Operator for memorable Adventure.

Congo being unexplored holiday destination which little development about back packing due to security measures, it will requires a certain amount of gear on top of the usual backpacker’s scant wardrobe, so you need to plan carefully. Visitors to congo ( Virunga National Park & Kahuzi Biega National Park) always seek to ask them selves the most interesting question on what to pack for a Gorilla Adventure holiday in Congo.  Virunga national Park Congo a Travelers guide brings you a complete list of what to pack when visiting Africa for safari holiday like the same case for Rwanda, Uganda and not missing out the okapi Wildlife reserve in Congo.

Here is the perfect packing list we have been able to compile based on our own travel experience in the great country of Congo in Virunga National Park :

  • A Lightweight and easily erected mosquito net (this is expedient to avoid mosquito bites, hence malaria)
  • Extra passport-sized photos for photographic permits (needed in some places) and possible visa extension application
  • First aid kits
  • A torch ( flashlight), rechargeable lambs, spare bulbs and batteries which can be used as a substitute for electricity in case of power failure
  • Insect repellent to protect you from Mosquito bites as Virunga National Park is a tropical forest so many insects are accommodated there in.
  • Bush hat with a brim for sun protection. Please carry a hat to protect you from the strong sun rays if it is hot.
  • You may also need to carry some Sunglasses too with neck strap
  • Video/photo camera, extra lenses and Reserve batteries. Photography is an important component of your safari and make sure that you have your camera ready, charge your batteries very well and if necessary, carry extra batteries as you will need to take many photographs in the one hour you will have with the gorillas.
  • Films and torch-LED models are light weight and have a good battery life
  • Binoculars. Don’t forget that you are on safari and you want to have clear views of everything so during your trek in search for the rare mountain gorillas, you will have a chance to spot some other wildlife species like birds, primates and large mammals
  • A pocket French dictionary/phrasebook might also do you some good as 8 out of 10 regions are French-speaking
  • A calculator which might be of help in calculating exchange rates

How to Plan for a Gorilla Safari to Virunga National park

To gorilla trekking in Congo your are required to secure the gorilla trekking permit/pass to enable you access the park for gorilla watching experience in the congo jungles either being Virunga National Park, Maiko National Park or Kahuzi Biega National Park.

When planning to visit the mountain gorillas in the famous democratic republic of congo, the travelers is advised to first secure the gorilla permits availability for the travel dates that he /she would be interested in enjoying gorilla trekking tour in the famous Virunga National Park. Gorilla Permits can be booked through the park or the trusted tour operators in congo.

Whats the Cost of the Gorilla Permits.

The Park of virunga national park is the responsible body that is selling the gorilla permits and its costing USD 400 as the standard fee but the park runs some promotional prices for the travelers of Half price.

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