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Congo Tourist Visa

Congo Tourists Visa  to Goma DR Congo

Visas are required by every nationality for entering the DR Congo for safari holiday or business dealing. When crossing from  Rwanda to goma, Bujumbura to Bukavu, and Rwanda into the eastern DR Congo visas may be issued on arrival for a fee and the charges are always higher than expected to pay the normal – sometimes this has been redacted, however, depending on how relations between their neighbors ebbs and flows. Visas are not available at any airport except for the east african nationals.

The moment you start to plan a congo safari, Safari planners to visit democratic republic of congo will require to secure the congo visa : there are various visa types that are available for travelers, among them is the congo tourists visa with single entry.

Procedure for congo tourists Visa

Find the complete procedure on how to obtain the Congo tourists Visa to enable you access the entrance to democratic republic of congo.

The Congo tourist visa refers an authenticated document that permits a variety of visitors/tourists worldwide to access the country and its resources via various ports including harbors, airports etc. Attaining a visa takes one about three months-90 days only and allows multiple admissions into the country.

After booking you will get proof of your payment along with an order number you will continue to apply for an online visa through entering your order number at the top of the application form then you will fill in the remaining fields required and later on click submit. After this, you will have to prepare other documents to enable you enter the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Congo Tourist Visa costs USD $100 per person that visits the country for any activity.

For one to attain a Congo tourist visa, he/she must obtain a Gorilla trekking permit, Nyiragongo trekking permit and book accommodations, This whole process is under the operation of the Department of Immigration(DGM) in DRC and not Virunga National Park. In order for one to clear with the border requirements, he/she should carry original copies of their documents for approval and these include print outs of their accommodation, trek and visa order confirmations.

All people/visitors that possess fully paid visas/documents will be included on the lists of those to cross the border in Goma. One requires order confirmations so as to cross the border so original copies of your visa are not so relevant and one can also attain a visa through an authorized tour agency.

Visa Requirements

For one to attain a Congo Tourist Visa he/she must meet the following visa requirements.

  • .Present two printed, filled in and signed versions of the visa application form.
  • Two passport color photographs that are 2×2inches (51*51 mm in size) with a white background and a full front view of the face and these must have been taken six months back for a proper reflection.
  • A valid passport that will take you for the next six months
  • Two fully completed visa application forms
  • An invitation letter/hotel reservation for the visa and this should be well typed indicating the purpose and nature of your trip, address of the place to be visited in Congo, name and in the visa section, one should address the latter to the Embassy of the Republic of Congo.
  • Copy of the airline ticket/itinerary explaining the appropriate arrival and departure dates in Congo.
  • A prepaid envelope(USPS/UPS) or Fedex envelope with a track number  to enable one to come back for their passport and those without track numbers are not accepted by the Embassy.

After making any bookings for the Tourist visa in Congo the funds cannot be refunded back. The Yellow Fever vaccination is usually needed so as to get entry into the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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