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Chimpanzee habituation

Chimpanzee In congo- Primate Watching in Congo

Chimpanzees are the apes that live in thick tongo forest vegetation and feed on a variety of foods and among these include fruits, seeds, nuts, insects along with wild meat that they usually hunt within the forest.

These are one hundred to two hundred thousand in population and are situated in twenty one countries and these prefer living in tropical rain forests though they also live in ordinary forests like woodlands, bamboos, Savannah swamp forests etc and these stay in populations and these consist of family groups of three to six members making a total of fifty animals with a dominant male called a silver back, an adult female, young gorilla if male (black back) and juvenile gorillas.

These often moves on all their four limbs from one place to another and this is called knuckle walking while protecting and guarding their boundaries hence battling with their neighbors is expected. The adult mothers produce infant sin a period of five to six years and these stay with their mothers until they are ten years.

Their biggest challenge and threat is destruction of their habitat that’s is to Say the forest vegetation through afforestation and deforestation, poaching, hunting and illegal exportation.

Chimpanzee Habituation in Congo-Virunga National Park.

Chimpanzee Habituation simply refers to the process of being with the chimpanzees for a full day mastering their way of life from sun rise to sun set. Here you feed and stay amidst them almost daily.

Chimpanzee habituation started in February 2014 by a Congolese team trained by Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) and these formerly lived in the thick forests near the park headquarters in Rumangabo. They were habituated in Tongo forest a safeguarded area by the park rangers with a total number of 32 members hence making trekking them easy and simple annually by visitors worldwide.

Visitors who book and sleep at Mikeno Lodge can flexibly connect with the team to go tracking the chimpanzee and this usually starts at 4:30 am in the morning though the guests start at 6:00 am. Only four people are accepted to track the chimpanzee and this should be done in just an hour.

Those that don’t feel good enough with sicknesses are not advised to trek since just like Mountain gorillas, chimpanzee are liable to human illnesses so in order to protect them we advise less contact between them and humans.

The chimpanzee habituation permits costs;

Adult -international: $100

Adult -Congolese: $25


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